Hempé is a New, Certified Organic Cultured Plant Protein

made with Chickpeas and Hemp Seeds. It is cultured like tempeh, rich in omega 3s, made without soy or gluten, and is versatile with a delicious savory flavor. Hempé is available in a 12 oz package, and is best pan fried in your favorite oil on medium heat until golden brown. Ready to use as an entrée in Buddha Bowls, Stir-fries, and salads. Makes delicious Burgers, BBQ, Bacon, Reubens, and Teriyaki. Use your creativity for so much more.

Coming to Whole Foods Market 2018. Make Hempé your entrée.

Certified USDA Organic seal     Vegan symbol

A delicious bowl of hempe with vegetables and rice ready to eat

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